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Hot Air Balloon Pleasure Flights

Take to the wind...
Have you ever dreamed of flying through the clouds?
Ever imagined what it would be like to ride a magic carpet?
Take a magnificent flight in a hot air balloon, and find out for yourself!
What is it like up there?
Most people who have never been in a balloon imagine the flight to be fast or bumpy as you fly through the air. In fact, it is typically just the opposite. Have you ever sat in the grass on a warm summer day, watching the clouds float lazily past? Now imagine you ARE the cloud, floating with the wind...that is the best way to describe what a balloon ride feels like. Since balloons have no engine or propellers, they move with the wind, not through it. So there is no turbulence, or really any sensation of movement at all. The only way you really notice that you are flying is to look down to the ground and watch the houses and fields float by! It's truly the most gentle form of flight. And with no engines to make noise, it is a serene, quiet adventure through the sky!

How can I schedule a ride?
If you've decided that you just can't wait to get in the air, then by all means do it! It is a wonderful experience that shouldn't be missed.

In Indiana...
If you live in central Indiana, give us a call and we will sign you up. We offer beautiful  Sunset flights, seven days a week - weather permitting. You need to allow about three hours for the entire excursion, and be sure to bring family and friends along! We will begin your adventure by meeting at a central location on the North side of Indianapolis, often with other balloonists flying with us, and will determine our exact launch site after a final weather check. Once we arrive at the launch site, you can help ready the balloon for flight and become an honorary crew member! After the balloon is launched, you will be in the air for about an hour. When the pilot finds a good landing site, the crew and your friends and family will be there to meet you. We then pack up the balloon and head back to the meeting site to finish off a wonderful flight! Don't forget to bring a camera and lots of film. You want to be sure to have a record of your adventure!

If you would like to schedule a flight for someone else - perhaps as a birthday or anniversary gift, we have gift certificates available. Our certificates never expire - if the weather or a busy schedule keeps you from getting in the air, we will be happy to reschedule you! We do require at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel a scheduled ride.

Current pricing for our pleasure flights begins at $195.00 per person. Call us toll-free at 877-359-2345 or locally at 317-844-3718 to learn more about how you can start your own adventure!

Outside Indiana...
If you live elsewhere in the United States, take a look in your local yellow pages - most pilots offering balloon rides advertise there. You can also look through some of the web sites listed in our Links page - there are many balloon companies on the internet. If you have trouble finding a pilot near you, drop us a line and let us help you find a balloon company in your area!

There are hot air balloon operators all over the world. If you get the chance to go for a ride - take it! It's a great way for young and old, family and friends, to share in a unique and exhilarating adventure! To borrow an old ballooning phrase:

"May you have gentle breezes, and soft landings!"

When you book a flight with Above & Beyond Balloon Co., you are booking with a locally owned and operated company, not a nationwide broker. When you call us, you are speaking directly with your pilot or crew - experienced people who can answer all of your questions and who know the area in which they fly. We do not accept nationwide ride certificates and we are not affiliated with these companies. We believe customers are best served by flying with local balloonists - if you need help finding one in your state, please visit www.localballooning.com