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Cold Air Inflatable Balloons

  • Ground Mount
  • Roof Mount
  • Truck/Trailer Mount
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Internal Lighting System
  • Custom Artwork
  • Compact Size for Storage and Shipping

  • Why choose Above & Beyond?
  • How reliable are cold air inflatables?
  • Basic Cold Air Balloon Kit.
  • Options and Extras for your cold air.
  • Warranty and Additional Information.

    What Makes Our Inflatable Balloons Superior?
  • Fabric -
    We use a variety of fabrics in the construction of our inflatable products. Lightweight, waterproof fabric for the balloon, strong, durable base fabric, and extra tough, heavyweight floor materials.
  • Equipment -
    Our Internal Light Arrays and top of the line Blower Systems provide you with reliable performance througout the life of your inflatable.
  • Artwork -
    We can customize an inflatable balloon or balloon banner with your logo or special artwork. We offer direct inking, applique, removable banners, and specialiazed designs to suit your advertising needs. Our logo reproduction is unparalleled, which translates to improved visibility, and improved sales.
  • Construction -
    You might say our inflatables are "Industrial Grade". Heavy duty construction, multiple stitching and critical reinforcement features all contribute to the long life of our product. Going the extra mile during construction allows for greater success in the field!
  • Design -
    Our wider, full bodied ballon offers exceptional stability and easy installation at any venue.
  • Service -
    We are a family business that likes to deal directly with our clients. Our "field support" consists of onsite service within the greater Indianapolis area, 24 hour phone support, and quick turn around time for repairs. We have years of experience in designing, building, and using these systems - let us advise you on the best solution for your advertising requirements.

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    How Reliable Are Cold Air Inflatables?
    Cold Air Inflatable Balloons are made of fabric, and as such are not indestructible. If to be used outdoors, it is necessary to monitor the weather conditions and have someone assigned to be responsible for the care and maintenance of your balloon. Winds in excess of 25 mph will jeopardize your balloon, and we recommend you deflate the system during inclement weather. It's ease of set up and deflation makes this task an easy one, and you will be rewarded with a long time advertising tool!

    When planning to incorporate inflatables into your dynamic advertising program, keep the following points in mind:

    • An Inflatable balloon is NOT indestructible
    • It is NOT a permanent sign
    • It DOES require responsible care to insure its long life!

    The following examples illustrate the "Do's and Don'ts" of inflatable advertising:

  • Client X installs an inflatable balloon on the rooftop of their business. It is left unattended and forgotton for weeks. The balloon deflates during a strong storm and lies in the tar and standing water on the roof, baking in the sun. Lifespan for this system? About 3 months, when someone from the corporate office wondered what had happened to it and it was discovered, ruined, on the roof.
  • Client Y purchases a system about the same time, to be used all over North and South America by an international corporation. Used both indoors and out, it has been well cared for. Lifespan for this system? NINE YEARS and still going strong!

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    Basic Cold Air Inflatable Balloon Package

    Standard 25' Tall Balloon System
    Includes everything you need for your balloon:
  • Choice of Stock Colors and Designs
  • 3 Speed, 3/4 hp Blower System
  • 100' Heavy Duty Extension or Wiring with Mandatory GFI Safety Device
  • Internal Lighting Array
  • Extra Light Bulbs
  • 20 Ropes plus 4 extras
  • 8 Stakes plus 4 extras
  • Ground Tarp
  • Balloon Storage Bag
  • Rope and Stake Storage Bags
  • Stake Hammer/Pull Tool
  • Repair Kit for minor repairs
  • Automatic Light Timer
  • Weather Radio

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Options and Extras Pricing
Custom Artwork - Logo banners are made by quote, but the average price for a quality banner for your Cold Air Balloon is $430.00 per side.

Basic Banners - Block letter banners, such as "Now Open" cost an average of $225.00 each for an 8' x 16' banner.

Decorative Pennants - For improved visibility and safety, Standard Pennant Lines cost $24.00 ea. per 100', and Heavy Duty Pennant Lines $64.00 each per 100'.

Repair and Replacement Parts - Purchase of a balloon system from us automatically qualifies you for replacement parts at an "at cost" basis with 30 day billing. We stand behind our products, and have no need to mark up our parts.

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We offer a Three Year warranty on workmanship, and limited warranty on components per our suppliers. Call for details!

Need more information? Want a quote on your custom project? Have an idea you need advice on?

Call us at 877-359-2345 to broaden your advertising capabilities with a custom Cold Air Inflatable Balloon!

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