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Balloon Banner Advertising

How does a Balloon Banner work?

Like a standard billboard, a balloon banner puts your name in huge letters in the sky.
Unlike a billboard, people always notice a balloon!

Here's a quick test to show how much greater an impact a balloon banner has over a billboard:

What was the last balloon you saw flying through the sky? Did it grab your attention, and did you get a thrill just from seeing it float gracefully by?

Now, what was the last billboard you saw? Did you get the same feeling?

Chances are, the answer is no! There's nothing in the world quite as fascinating as a hot air balloon. Young and old, urban and rural folks alike are captivated by the beauty of a hot air balloon.

How do you put that magic to work for you?
We can create custom banners using your company logo or special artwork. Our artwork reproduction is second to none, and our unique screening process insures your banner will last for years to come.

We offer banner flying in our area, north of Indianapolis, with a flexible program tailored to fit your advertising needs. For information on flying in our area, give us a call at 877-359-2345.

If you live outside of Indianapolis, there are hundreds of qualified balloonists around the world who will be willing to talk with you about flying banners in your area. If you would like help in locating a pilot near you, give us a call!

Why our Balloon Banners are the Best in the Business:
  • Fabric - We use the highest quality rip-stop nylon for our banners - the same kind of fabric that is used in making the balloons that fly them! By doing so, we can insure the best color match possible to the balloon to give the effect that the artwork is actually printed on the balloon itself! (An example of this is the "Conseco" banner at the top of this page.)
  • Flexible Construction - Most of our banners are cut flat, so that they may be used for other applications, such as draping on a wall. We also include velcro at the top and bottom, along with several grommets for better attachment.
  • Ink- We use extremely durable silk screening inks for longer life and greater color. There is no cracking, peeling, or fading that is common with other products. Our banners can be left on the balloon for the life of the contract without worry of deterioration or discoloring.
  • Artwork Reproduction - Over the years, we have developed a unique system for reproducing complex logos. Even if your design has several ink colors and complex lettering, we can reproduce it faithfully and with fantastic results! We do recommend that you follow the guideline "Bigger is Better". Bright, bold logos will have much greater visibility and better impact than small artwork.
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